IKR Bambino Festival 2016

So you’ve seen the ads for our IKR Bambino Festival all over social media. We’ll have some awesome Bambino racing and a couple of guests hooning around the track in between heats. Steve ‘Stiggy’ Evans has confirmed and he’s bring along ‘The Mighty’ a 350hp Lime Green Toyota Starlet!!! Another special guest is coming… that’s too be announce!!! MOTORS TV are booked and confirmed, you’re all gonna be on telly! 30 minutes of Bambino racing just for you guys.

We’ve had loads of people contact us for more info so here it is. How it’ll work, whose running it, what engines you’re allowed to run… everything you need to know is below!

If there’s anything that you guys still are unsure of then just give the guys in the office a call… 01992 460895 ext 1



All the way from Lapland!!! We all know Father Christmas has the FASTEST vehicle in the world!!!

Well, he’s coming for an early pitstop to Rye House and he’s bringing his scooter!!! FC has said that any little racer entering the IKR Bambino Festival, that has a scooter MUST bring it. He’s gonna show you just how quick he is in a race down the track straight!!!!

Pretty sure he’ll be giving out some pressies too!


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Rules & Regulations

Rules and regulations for IKR Bambino Festival are a tried and tested method which we have used this year. Onus is on YOU the parent/guardian to ensure that this event is run fairly. The ethos of the event is for the children to have a safe and fair event, but most of all they need to have FUN!!!


Rules and Regulations download

Order of the Day

YOU need to be here by 10:45am! This is to ensure you are ready for drivers briefing, signing on, sort your transponders and get scruitineered… so loads to do before your little’uns get on the track. There will be a practice session before the three heats, then the final. At the end of the day someone will be crowned Festival Champion!!!


IKR Bambino Festival itinerary can be seen here

Whose coming?

Firstly… MOTORS TV are booked. They’ve polished their lenses, prepped their video cameras and are ready to televise the whole event! 30 mins of Bambino racing will be shown on a slot (to be confirmed) on Motors TV!!!



Steve ‘Stiggy’ Evans will be here. In between heats 2 and 3 Steve will be hooning around the track in his 350hp Toyota Starlet (nicknamed ‘The Mighty’) doing what he does best…DRIFTING. Pretty sure the kids will love this!!! Just let them know that although drifting is ULTRA FUN, it’s a slower way round the track so don’t start copying Steves lines!!!



and Finally… we have another motosport fanatic, but as yet he hasn’t ‘signed on the dotted line’ as soon as this is confirmed we’ll let you know. But we will guarantee it’ll be as much fun to watch as ‘The Mighty’

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So that’s it! There’s going to be plenty or racing, loads of hooning, but most importantly this will be an AWESOME event!!!


The cost to bring just a TV crew are a fortune, hence why when they are here…prices go up. However, Rye House will be subsidising the costs for the IKR Bambino Festival 2016!!!


If you did participate in the London Cup you’d know that there was plenty of dithering, wobbling and radios flying through the air! Many parents were miffed and ALL the children were upset as to not getting their hard earned trophies.


Whilst we as a circuit couldn’t do anything about these unfortunate events, we realised (too late!) that we got it wrong with regards to the TV crew. so ALL 20 London Cup entrants will have a massively subsidised rate. We are sorry and hope this will help restore your faith in us as a circuit!!!


So here we go…. costs. To lay this on, Rye House would charge £140 per entrant to cover all the costings involoved… BUT, we will be charging:


London Cup Entrants (all 20 of you) £35.00 – BOOK HERE

Everyone else: £100.00 – BOOK HERE