Action packed birthday parties featuring the awesome COD mp5 machine gun. Party meals or catering is available in the Rye House ‘Hospitality Suite’.

Choice of:

  • Pizza Meal (veggie option)
  • Jumbo Hot Dog meal
  • Hamburger meal

All meals include: a soft drink and confectionery at a Cost £5.50 per person.

You are welcome to bring a birthday cake!

  • Our party package requires a minimum number of 4 players.
  • Please ensure all players are a minimum age of 7 years old or over.

Please note
Your event may not be exclusive unless requested upon booking which requires a minimum of 10 x players on a weekday and 20 x players on a weekend

Aim of the game...

Great fun for adults and juniors!

Your objective is simple; you have 30 minutes to score as many points as you can by shooting the enemy. Medical stations for both teams are open to regain your health!