This high profile event is taking place in the afternoon of Tuesday June 28th 2022 where 26 teams will race at 4pm in a “Le Mans” style karting event, led by professional racing drivers and celebrities to raise money for the British Ukrainian Aid charity for Ukrainian Refugees. With support from Mercedes F1, and also team Lando Norris, there are some amazing prizes to be won! The new Hunt vs Lauda, Sons of Speed movie, will also be promoted at the event with special preview clips and promotional gifts before the film is premiered at the Cannes film festival. Freddie Hunt, Le Mans race driver and the son of 1976 F1 world champion, James Hunt will be leading the Sons of Speed Kart team!

This is the idea of an astonishing eight year old boy, Jarlath Sayer, who is currently racing in the British Karting Championship.

Saddened by what’s going on in Ukraine and the now homeless refugees and children his age, Jarlath wants to do something special to raise money to help them and hopes to bring the entire motorsport industry together with a charity karting event at Rye House Kart Raceway in Hertfordshire, the circuit where 7 times World Champion; Lewis Hamilton started his racing career.



Freddie Hunt and The cast of the Movie will be hitting the track at the Support Ukraine Grand Prix! Free promotional gifts for all attendees of the event and sneak preview clips of the film will be shown!