Do I have to bring my own kart?+

No, Rye House Kart Raceway provides a variety of petrol & electric hire karts suitable for any aged racer.

How many drivers can be on track at one time?+

Main Circuit… A maximum of:

  • Adults – 26
  • Juniors – 12

Junior Circuit… A maximum of:

  • Cadets – 5
  • Bambinos – 2
  • Electric ‘Formula K’ – 2

Karts are not combinable.

Will we receive the Race Results?+

Rye House Kart Raceway uses a high-tech timing and scoring system called Alpha Timing to keep track of race results. Most race formats for adults include a bottle of bubbly and trophy presentation with lap printouts for all drivers showing: fastest lap time, average lap time, overall race results and more.

Under 16 ‘s karting is not set on the timer for race report. We do not encourage competitive racing for casual Birthdays and fun days!

Can I bring my own helmet?+

Absolutely, however it must be a certified helmet with the appropriate stamp. Helmets must include a one piece full face shield with a visor.

In the event of rain…+

Our hire karts are safe and reliable to race in most conditions. We do not cancel any scheduled booking in the event of rain. Therefore, please make sure you turn up for your event even if it’s raining We do provide our hire customers with waterproof race suits However, we cannot guarantee they will stay completely dry and recommend you bring a change of clothes for your comfort.

What should I wear?+

You should wear comfortable clothing and you must have closed-toe shoes with a flat sole. Rye House Kart Raceway does not have rental shoes for those who forget safe footwear.

What special safety equipment is required?+

All participants must wear a race suit, gloves and an approved safety helmet which we supply to our hire customers, Click here for the Health and Safety page

What are the special requirements for kids?+


  • Electric ‘Formula K’ (3 yrs +) – Can be assisted by a member of staff
  • Bambino (5 yrs +) – All drivers must be at least 3ft 6″ tall to safely operate the karts
  • Cadet (6 yrs +) – All drivers must be at least 4ft 2″ tall to safely operate the cadet karts


  • Junior (8 yrs +) – All drivers must be at least 4ft 4″ inches tall and be able to safely operate the karts.
  • Le Mans Twin-Engine  (16 yrs +) – Racers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a disclaimer liability form.

What is the difference between petrol and electric powered karts?+

The only difference is the power source. Rye House Kart Raceway predominantly run petrol karts for adults to offer a more consistent performance and a longer duration of racing. Electric karts are used for younger children aged from 3 to 5 years, on our junior circuit. They are much quieter, but also fun to drive!