45 Minute Thrashup

MEGA CHEAP RACING without compromise – LESS THAN £60!

Using our LATEST twin engine 160cc GT2 Evo Le Man karts – “The Big Boys Toys”

After kitting, briefing and registration, drivers will commence 10 minutes qualifying after which they will grid up immediately then race through to the end of the 45mins (from quali start). All drivers qualify thus 45 mins “seat time” per person guaranteed!

There are no minimum numbers and we can run up to 26 karts at a time.

IMPORTANT 16’s and 17’s must be co-signed by and adult on arrival.


8:45pm- 9:30pm BOOK HERE


7:45pm- 8:30pm BOOK HERE


7:45pm- 8:30pm BOOK HERE

30 Minute Arrive & Drive

Arrive & Drive is back!

Using our LATEST 160cc Twin Engine EVO Karts, on the full “GP” circuit, sessions of 30mins, you really will have a chance to experience the UK’s most famous venue.

This session is priced at just £44.99 per person, suits, gloves, balaclavas, time sheets (subject to your correct email & permission when signing on), ALL INCLUDED there are NO hidden extras!

If you are at least 16 years old, 5 feet tall and have a pulse, you will LOVE this. This is “real” outdoor racing at INDOOR PRICES!


7:45pm – 8:15pm BOOK HERE

Yes! Safety at Rye House is paramount to us. Our vehicles and circuit are checked daily and maintained to the highest standards. We provide all your NKA approved safety-wear to ensure guidelines are met.
All drivers are given a full safety briefing prior to their experience and standards will be observed and monitored while on track.
Although every effort is made to ensure your safety, like most sporting activities, there are risks in motorsport and accidents can occur. Our team are trained to mitigate these risks and rest assured you will be in safe hands.
Our track is inspected by the N.K.A on a regular basis and all documentation is available upon request.

Rye House is an outdoor experience. We run in most weather conditions, with exception of extreme weathers such as ice & snow. Our race directors will assess weather conditions frequently each day and if the track is deemed unsafe, drivers will be contacted to reschedule.
We recommend bringing a change of clothes for all events, even in the more favourable conditions.

We advise you wear casual and comfortable weather appropriate outfits, as well as a change of clothes brought with you. Footwear must be solid with closed toes & heels, no large heel on boots. We do not allow sandals, crocs, sliders or similar footwear where parts of your foot are exposed.

Absolutely! Helmets MUST be a full-face crash helmet meeting recognised safety standards and tinted visors only permitted during daylight events. Must be clear if in use under floodlights. Suits must again meet recognised safety standards; they must be one-piece and be in good condition with no holes or damage. If in doubt, please seek a race directors’ approval before your race.

You do not need a driving licence or need prior kart experience however you must be physically and mentally well to take part. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult for the entire duration of the event.
Find HERE our disclaimers that specify necessary driver capabilities.

Rye House boasts a range of great hospitality services:

  • Our diner – serving hot & cold food and beverages, including their licenced bar! We advise hydration and light snacks prior to our events as you may risk nausea over-consuming prior to your drive. Alcohol cannot be consumed prior to any driving or activity here at Rye House.
  • Private meeting rooms bookable at request.
  • Toilets & shower facilities. Guests using our showers will be required to bring their own towels and toiletries.

All our karts are highly adjustable, so we can accommodate people of all shapes and sizes.

Minimum heights:

  • Bambino (5+) 106cm
  • Cadet (6+) 128cm
  • Junior (8+) 133cm
  • Adult (16+) 152cm

Maximum requirements are harder to provide as driver build may vary and comfort may decrease above a general range.
Typically, on our Junior track, a driver at 128cm will have outgrown the ability to drive a Bambino.
Junior karts can accommodate drivers 6ft+ however around this height comfort may decrease.
Adult karts can accommodate drivers up to approximately 6’8 however around this height comfort may decrease.

Maximum weight is usually not prioritised over driver height and shape as this typically determines a driver’s ability to use our karts over the weight figure itself. If you are unsure, please contact us via phone/email and we can discuss your options, we can even arrange you to come down before booking an event for a fitting.