Phoenix Vouchers

During these unprecedented times, for fairly obvious reason you are no doubt “wary “of booking something now but of course, friends & loved ones will still have a birthday, or deserve a treat, or just want a bit of fun on-track and we’re going to make it happen!

We have created some VERY SPECIALLY PRICED events (vouchers) that can be bought now and booked on the diary once it is clear and safe to do so. 

In the meantime, you can print off a voucher to fill in so you have something to put in their hands and for them to look forward to.



Vouchers are an excellent Christmas gift idea and now you can purchase them for your loved ones with just a “click of the button”!

You may order vouchers in any denomination. Vouchers are valid for a year and there are several opportunities to use the vouchers on most days!

Once you have booked your voucher, you will receive an electronic confirmation, a hard copy will follow in the post for you to wrap up!

Simply click your selection, set your order number and confirm:



GP30 voucher


GP60 voucher


30 min voucher


60 min voucher


15 min electric voucher


30 min electric voucher