Setup Location:
Designated pit bays will be visible in the visitor car park on your arrival. There will be enough room for 1 team vehicle to park & “setup base”.
Teams may wish to bring their own chairs, tables or perhaps a pop-up awning.
Any additional vehicles can be parked along the river bank. STRICTLY 1 vehicle per pit bay.
Driver Registration:
Opens at 6:00pm & will close at 7.00pm LATEST – All drivers must line up in the designated registration area, respecting social distancing policies.
Drivers Briefing:
To assist the drivers briefing all drivers must watch the safety video online and will be required to confirm at registration that they have watched, understood and have no questions on the video.
The final part of the drivers briefing covering the format and other matters will be done on the track in front of the pit lane.
Please note; It is MANDATORY for all competitors to watch the Rye House safety briefing prior to arrival.
Team Kart Allocation:
At the end of the drivers briefing the allocation of karts to teams will be done by random draw. The kart number drawn will be the team kart for the duration of the event.

In the unlikely event of any problem with the kart in the practice and qualifying session the team must bring to the attention of the officials any mechanical matters that the team are unhappy with.

The officials will rectify any mechanical issues using their discretion.

Teams are not allowed to change the set up of the karts in anyway, this includes the tyre pressures. Teams may put padding in the seats.
Once the race has started any mechanical failure due to driver error will be repaired in the race time. If the failure is due to wear and tear, a substitute kart will be provided and any lost time replaced as near as possible by the race director.
An important part of Endurance racing is taking care of the kart.
The Race director reserves the right not to re-insert a team into its previous race position if the kart is involved in an accident of the teams causing.
Practice & Qualifying:
At 8pm, we will commence a 40 minute practice/qualifying session, it is MANDATORY that every competitor completes a minimum of 3 laps prior to race start.
Teams can be between 3 and 8 drivers.
The kart number drawn in the briefing will be the teams kart for the duration of the event.
The fastest lap time gained during the qualifying session will determine the starting grid position for the race.
Racing will commence at 9pm. The driver allocated to start the race will go to the teams starting position on the starting grid and take up the teams qualifying position.
The start will be from a standing start.
Once the race has started it will run for a duration of 12 hours from whatever time the race start is.
Any mechanical failure due to driver error will be repaired during race time. If the failure is due to wear and tear, a substitute kart will be provided and any lost time replaced as near as possible by the race director.
An important part of Endurance racing is taking care of the kart.
The Race director reserves the right NOT to re-insert a team into its previous race position if the kart is involved in an accident due to reckless driving.
Race End: Approx. 9am
Trophy Presentation & Results: 9.15am
Alcohol & Drugs:
Any driver found or suspected of taking alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to take part in the event or if discovered during the race event will not be allowed to race thereafter.
Driving Without Caution:
The race director will call in any driver causing danger to other drivers or ignoring flag signals and/or the digital flag.
Stop-go penalties will be applied from between 30 seconds and three minutes depending on the seriousness of the offence.
No driver changes will be allowed on a stop-go penalty.
Flags & Signals:
Flags and the digital board on the main straight will be used in line with international motorsport.
  • Yellow – Danger ahead, slow down to a safe speed and no overtaking until past the incident. Penalties will be imposed if this is not observed. In the event of a full course yellow all karts must continue to circulate at a safe speed with no overtaking until the flags are removed.
  • Black/White – Warning. Driver information such as contact. Karting is a non contact sport. If a driver makes contact with another driver, the race director will issue a warning via the digital board with the team number. The driver must then take more care! If any driver obtains an advantage by contact – ABC, they must give back the position within 2 laps. The warning will be shown and if the driver does not give the place back, the team will be shown the black flag on the digital board.
  • Black – This will be shown via the digital board with the team number. Return to the pits on that lap and await further instructions. The same penalty will be given If a driver overtakes under a waved yellow – OTY
  • Green – Race start.
  • Chequered – Race or qualifying session end.
  • Red – Stop racing immediately. Return to the start line when instructed to by the marshals. In the event of a red flag situation the timing system will continue. Race stoppages are counted as part of the race. Under no circumstances can any team come into the pits for refuelling, to request any kart repairs or make a driver change. The drivers will be notified in advance of the restart after the red flag and will be in single file in order of race position at the time of the red flag.
Reoccurring Offence:
The first penalty for the team will be 10 seconds and then will increase by 30 seconds throughout the event.
The black flag will also be shown in the case of a serious offence that cannot be dealt with by the penalties above. In the event of a team being shown a black flag, the penalties will be: First offence 30 seconds, Second offence 1 minute, Third offence 3 minutes. At the discretion of the Race Director, any subsequent black flags may result in the team being excluded.
If a team is adjudged to have committed multiple ABCs or OTY’s in the same driver session, the Race Director reserves the right to award multiple penalties at the same time. For example if a driver is judged to have gained advantage by 2 separate contacts they will receive a 1 minute penalty.
Drivers will be expected to compete with their own and others safety in mind.
The event will be run in a friendly and sportsmanlike manner, using the flags and the digital board as the way of controlling the event.
The race director and marshals communicate via radio and the decision of the race director is final.
Driver Changing Procedures:
Refuelling and pit stops are an essential dimension of endurance racing. The following regulations are for the safety of all those involved in the event and must be strictly adhered to.
  • Driver changes can only be carried out within the pit area. This will be advised during drivers briefing. Drivers may change as frequently as desired.
  • Designated areas outside the pit lane will be made available to teams and only the driver about to make a driver change will be allowed in the pit lane. This will minimise the number of drivers in the pit lane at any one time.
  • Team strategy is the sole responsibility of the team so long as the rules are complied with at all times.
  • Karts must be driven at no more than walking pace (5 mph) in the pit lane area. Speeding in the pits may result in time penalties being given. This is for the safety of all concerned. Only the driver getting out of and into the kart may be in contact with the vehicle.
  • No kart shall be assisted by pushing on completion of driver changes.
Refuelling Procedure:
The karts will run for approximately 2 hours before needing fuel.
Based on the number of teams entered, the race director will advise in the drivers briefing the intended refuelling starting times.
The staff will aim to keep each refuelling to a similar amount of time.
Karts will be refuelled in team number order starting with number 1. The karts will then be called in team number order until all have been refuelled.
At the start of refuelling the driver will be shown the “fuel in” board and the team number via the digital board. The driver must then come into the refuelling area at the start of the pit lane on that lap. The driver must get out of the kart before the refuelling can commence.
Only the driver is allowed in the refuelling area.
Team members must not enter the refuelling area.
The driver must not remove the fuel caps before entering the pit lane or in the pit lane. This will be carried out by the refuelling crew.
Once the marshal tells the driver he can get into the kart the driver must then observe the pit lane speed limit and proceed to a driver change in the pit lane, if appropriate, or back onto the track.
The team may make a driver change at the same time as the refuelling but it must take place in the designated area and not in the refuelling area.
The Café:
Will be open until 9:30pm on Saturday evening and will re-open at 7:30am on Sunday, serving breakfast items on the take away menu.
Refreshments will also be availabe to purchase throughout the whole event at sign on.
Dormitory Area:
Due to the current regulations we are unable to provide any sleeping areas. We recommend teams make their own arrangements.
The gates will be closed at midnight but not locked.