The Rye House IKR (Independent Kart Racing) Championship!

Concentrating on FOUR classes in 2019: Comer Bambino, Honda Cadet, Senior Rotax and 177 Rotax, we hope you guys will enjoy the season! With clear rules, awesome racing and plenty of pitlane banter, we’re sure that our third season is going to be EPIC! Racing is generally on the SECOND Sunday, February through to September and will now host optional practice on the Saturday.

As you may well know, Rye House is one of (if not!) the country’s oldest established tracks with racing going back as far as 1961. The track is regarded by many as one of the most technical tracks to master! Rye House has seen many greats grace the circuit including Jenson Button, David Coulthard, Lewis Hamilton and Ash Sutton #GingerDave!

With so many greats already starting out at Rye… it’s now YOUR turn!

Entry into each round is simple! Simply click the link below & follow the instructions on screen. If you haven’t setup an account yet, you must do so before it will allow you to proceed. A speedy option is also available to register using your Facebook details. Feel free to book into multiple rounds!


10th Feb

10th Mar

14th Apr

12th May

9th Jun

14th Jul

11th Aug

15th Sep


After creating your account, the system will also offer club membership. By becoming a club member you will be included in the championship scoring table for the season. The cost of membership (£30) will be redeemed over the course of the season by receiving a membership rate into each round. In-fact, you will save yourself a tenner if you plan on racing all year!! Non members will be charged a higher entry fee. Once you are a registered club member, the system will automatically reduce your race entry from £70 to £65 per round!



We hope you have a fantastic season and look forward to seeing you all soon!

Please feel free to call us on 01992 460895, Mon – Fri, 09:30 – 17:30