With the overwhelming support for HKC 2016 thus far, several organisations have already come forward this season as club sponsors allowing some great prizes, TV coverage and even generous donations to see the clubs success!!

With the circuits flagship event of the year on the horizon, which takes place on 17th – 18th September, the 4Gadgets London Cup is set to be a racing spectacle of the highest order!!

Whilst racing is all about having fun, we are now in a position where track side exposure in the form of banners and signage has great commercial value! If you feel you or your company would like to experience the benefits of some television, magazine, news paper, website, social media and race programme exposure, please contact John or Ryan. Please also be advised, we’re not looking for fortunes, just some support to allow the club the opportunity to offer some prizes and further promote itself!!

1 banner = £250 + VAT pa
2 banners = £400 + VAT pa (£200 ea)
3 banners = £500 + VAT pa (£166.66 ea)
5 banners = £750 +VAT pa (£150 ea)

Double sided advert facing railway/track = £500 +VAT pa

Website advert – per meeting = £10 + VAT

Half page programme advert – per meeting = £30 + VAT (inc link on website)
Full page programme advert – per meeting = £50 + VAT (inc link on website)