So a very wet December 10th 2016 saw a huge entry list of 39 “little” racers on the grid. Karting Magazine (featuring the event live) quoted; “It has been the biggest race meeting for class witnessed in the UK this year & to our knowledge Rye House are the only kart circuit in the UK to dedicate a whole television broadcast to Bambino racing.”

Well after the enormous success to 2016… IT’S BACK!

TV will be coming along again, fingers crossed Steve ‘Stiggy’ Evans will be bringing the new and improved ‘The Mighty’ to hoon around the track again and of course, Father Christmas will be racing the kids along the Hamilton Straight, all in the name of FUN!!!

It’ll run much like the 2016 Festival, only BETTER!!! this time… YOU’RE ALL RACING! The team at Rye are confident that this dedicated televised event will be epic!!

Price will be in the £140 per driver and we’re sure you’ll have more fun this year, than last year!!! Hosted by Rye House on the 10th December and will be the LAST meeting on the calendar for 2017 (bhoooooom!!!)

The event will be run independently by the team at Rye and is open to drivers with or without a race licence. If you own a Comer or an IAME & you’d like to enter… then get booked in.

We can’t wait to see you all for this fun filled day! Missed last year? Take a look at the goings on leading up to and over the Bambino Festival 2016!!!

Enter online Here

View Rules & Regs Here