Rye House are delighted to announce that open testing will be available to under 8’s (usually) on the 1st Sunday of every month from February through to September.

The dates below will include a Bambino session into the day (so instead of Cadets > Adults, it will be Bambino > Cadets > Adults). As ever, if loads of you turn up, then we’ll have to restructure the running order!

Bambino sessions are only open to any driver currently holding an MSA licence or you are a Rye House IKR member and you’ll need to bring your MSA licence (if not an IKR member) to participate.

Honda Cadet drivers under the age of eight CAN attend open testing on these dates, if you hold a current MSA licence or you are a Rye House IKR member, again, if you have an MSA licence you must bring it along with you (unless you are on the system for the IKR).


Bambino and Under 8 year old Cadets are only eligible to test in open testing on the following dates:

3rd February
3rd March
7th April
5th May
2nd June
7th July
4th August
8th September

As with all open testing, please check the testing calendar before your arrival as open testing is always subject to corporate bookings.

Other than that…. we’ll see you here 😉