As some of you may know from previous emails and social media… The Bambino Festival IS BACK for 2017!

The team at Rye have been working closely with Father Christmas to ensure we pull off an EVEN BIGGER, EVEN BETTER Bambino festival this year!!

A few little tweeks have been made to last years iterary to allow for the extra grid of IAME’s but on the whole, we believe it was such good fun, there is very little to change!

The link below allows you to book in to the biggest Bambino event in the UK which will be TELEVISED!!! So don’t miss out…

Rules, regs & lots more exciting news will be released in the next few weeks but for now, we ask that you book in & continue to spread the word amongst your karting network…… it’s going to be epic!!!!



We are delighted to host the IKR Bmabino Festival 2017 and hope every one of you enjoys the day! With plenty of racing and events taking place on track, we’re pretty sure you will.

Whilst we appreciate some of the more experienced drivers are competing to win, it is of
paramount importance to us that every driver, regardless of position, ENJOYS THEMSELVES!!!

This race is intended to help introduce young drivers in to the sport and we expect each entrant and their associates to behave accordingly. This is an IKR race meeting and it is therefore the sole decision of the circuit and the Clerk of the Course to decide if you have raced in a sporting manner and the Clerk of the Course’s decision is final on all matters.

There is no right of appeal. Please be reminded, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that your kart is track worthy and safe, we do not expect any ungentlemanly behaviour with regard to kart “spec” and will not tolerate any “pit lane gibber” or other “banter” that could embarrass or upset our young drivers.​

Good luck to everyone… LET’S GO RACING!!!