Our sales team have just been given the go ahead to offer some very preferential rates to our valued customers.

We will be creating “late booking” opportunities at least twice per week where retail prices will be slashed by up to 50% to create more on track action during off-peak times where we are not fully booked.

If you would like to receive information on these events, as a pledge to show just how preferential these rates will be, we will be offering a FREE TRIAL over the next few months!!! All that’s required is a simple registration to our driver’s club list.


During off peak times “Open Events” will be created to suit a particular customer’s needs, if these events are not full, Rye House have the opportunity of giving something back to our valued drivers club customers, in the form of a discount!

If you are serious about your racing and potentially able to join us with 24hrs notice or less, this offer could save you a huge amount!!


Once you are registered for free trial  you will receive regular very special offers and links to book in. At the end of your FREE TRIAL, in order to receive further offers you will have the opportunity to become  a “drivers club member” with a one off administrative fee. Club membership will secure you ongoing offers and deals.

To sign up, simply subscribe to our drivers club FREE TRIAL at the foot of our website!!!