Our “light hearted”  NERF WARS product really doesn’t have much in the way of tactics, however we can guarantee it will be EPIC!!!

The indoor arena in Hoddesdon has now been “well & truly” NERF’D to enable our younger customers to go to battle during the school break.

Having taken delivery of a “shed load” of NERF products, customers even have the option to purchase and actually use their NERF blasters during the event should they wish… Cool right!

Available from 5 years +, players are issued with a full face protection mask, literally thousands of foam darts & are you ready for this….. a “DISRUPTOR” air blaster!!! Mum, Dad… Get involved too!!

Below, we have listed some OPEN sessions available to book online now for just £5 per head. If you cant find a time that suits you, please call our bookings office on 01992 460895 to check availability.

OPEN means we simply make one big game out of several groups, therefore, it will not be exclusive to your party. If you wish to book an exclusive event, feel free to take a look at our party packages on offer.



Friday 16th Feb – 13:00 start – BOOK HERE

Friday 16th Feb – 15:30 start – BOOK HERE

Saturday 17th Feb – 15:00 start – BOOK HERE

Please note, you must arrive no later than 45 minutes prior to start time.