So… After an extensive committee meeting last night, here’s several attractive subjects that I think are worth mentioning…

The fence along the river (the main paddock area) is nearly complete. This creates not only a safer but more attractive barrier between you & the River Lea. Security & peace of mind for overnight guests will be greatly enhanced!
More paving in the pits is scheduled to take place over the next few weeks, the benefits here are obvious.
A “PFI style” gantry that overhangs the start/finish line has been measured up & priced (it aint cheap!) The circuit have written the cheque, its been promised for the London Cup, watch this space!
A price drop for all Rotax entries into the next round has been agreed, we know there’s plenty of you guys still out there, take us up on this massive offer!
Re-development of the scruitineering bay has been agreed.

We also discussed the challenges we face… Whilst the number of drivers has fluctuated thus far subject to other meetings around the country, we still maintain that HKC 2016 & the circuit have built a much more approachable & attractive club to race with! No doubt the biggest hurdle is & will always be “operation GET BOOKED IN”. The sooner you enter, the more attractive the grids look, the more people will talk, the better the race meeting. It’s very easy with online booking to do so at the last minute, PLEASE don’t delay your entry, grid watchers & thus final numbers ARE DEFINITELY affected by the amount of regulars that book early!

Nevertheless, with or without big grids for every round, the committee will continue (in our free time) to operate as efficiently & effectively as possible & will continue to “pester” everyone on every karting forum to‪#‎giveHKCago‬

Anyway, let’s get on to the Rotax offer for the next round:

The club has dropped the entry price to £20 for ALL Rotax classes
The circuit has matched this fantastic deal, therefore the practice on Saturday is also £20.

Junior Max drivers, this is a “massive touch” for you guys as your grid is already pretty good! It was discussed whether just to make this offer to Senior, 177’s & Minimax but was decided to include you in this massive saving! In return, we expect you to get July’s entry in immediately, this will provide evidence to all the other Junior Rotax’s that are not yet racing at Rye to our suggestion that our grids are good and they should join us!

Mini, Junior, Senior & 177 drivers, there is only so much we can do at our end on behalf of YOUR club/grids. We really need you guys to get involved & help promote this offer.
Please do whatever you can whether via social media, text or be you at any other venues & remember, it’s a whole bluddy weekend racing for 40 squid!
Ps. Don’t forget to enter yourself right now!

All drivers/club members/team members, for obvious reasons we are limited to post promotional messages on any of the karting forums, PLEASE do your bit to help us through your UK karting & Karting1 accounts etc.

We’re now half way through the racing year & despite the late announcement of 2016 race weekend change, the grids have been encouraging for most, the racing enjoyable. Whilst we were always gearing up for 2017, there is a real opportunity now to push on grids on the lead up to Septembers London Cup.