With exciting plans to put Hoddesdon Kart Club and Rye House Kart Raceway back on the map as the South East and London’s best venue and club meeting, the committee is ready to announce the initial change of race dates for 2016; the third weekend of each month.

In the effort to improve the grids overall and to deliver an exciting race weekend, the committee has now collaborated with the team at Rye House to ensure absolute support for HKC. Moving into 2016, the club will initiate a plan of action to ensure a clear message to MSA drivers across the board that Hoddesdon Kart Club really is making a broader effort to reform and improve the quality of racing for all!

2016 race dates confirmed
Round 1 – 21st February
Round 2 – 20th March
Round 3 – 17th April
Round 4 – 15th May
Round 5 – 19th June
Round 6 – 17th July
Round 7 – 21st August
Round 8 – 16th October
Round 9 – 20th November
Round 10 – 18th December