Here are a few pointers on how you can get involved in competitive kart racing step by step starting out from the very first time you get in a kart all the way to owning your own and racing at national level.

As a company we offer introduction in to hire kart practice sessions from the age of 5 on our junior circuit in our fleet of Bambino and Cadet karts. This is the first step to finding out if your child is keen to race and enjoys the experience.

At 8 years of age you can now hire the Junior karts and take part in practice sessions on our main circuit.

We offer one to one tuition to get the correct racing line and braking points in order to get your child down to a competitive pace. Time in the seat is the vital ingredient to becoming better.

Practice and lap times are one thing but race craft is another. The only way to gain that craft is by racing and we offer various championships for drivers that do not already own a kart to gain the experience of competitive racing before moving in to the world of owner driver racing. The championships are not just for children as we offer many fantastic championships for the over 16s too.

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Junior Championship Details

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Junior Hire Prices

One to one tuition

Owner driver karting

From the age of 5 you can actively participate in many different forms of owner driver practice and racing.

At Rye House our experts can offer you advice on the correct category of kart that will suit your needs best.

We run a Cadet/Bambino club here at the circuit by Karting London approximately twice a week and this allows your driver to mix with other owner drivers under the careful supervision of our staff.

We also offer the option to obtaining your race licence here at Rye House that will allow you to compete in MSA (Motorsports Association) events across the country and even throughout Europe. The MSA are the governing body for all MSA sanctioned racing across the country and this is monitored by the means of a racing licence (ARKS Licence).

In addition to MSA racing you may also hear the term IKR racing, This stands for independent kart racing which is competitive racing but without the governing body or need for a kart licence.

The circuit offers IKR racing for bambino and cadet classes and is held on a monthly basis here at Rye House.

We also have an MSA kart club (Hoddesdon Kart Club) that race at Rye House on a monthly basis with some of the events being televised. There are many MSA and IKR racing clubs across the country should you wish to race more than once a month.

If the thought of maintaining, looking after or running your own kart is something that you do not feel comfortable with then don’t worry as there are many race teams out there that can do all of that for you leaving you the ability to sit back and just watch or race.

Our experts on site can help you all the way and answer any questions that you may have such as the initial costs of buying your own kart, what kart is best for you, the costs of competing and obtaining your licence and the fees that teams charge to run your kart for you.

Everything you need to know is only a call away.

For further information please contact either Ryan musk (General Manager)

Or Steve Cutting (ARKS Examiner)