From Round 5 (June) Sunday morning testing has GONE. The day will start with a 3 lap practice to check transponders and then go straight into racing! The price has also dropped to £55 (for the standard four classes)!
Anyone who has already paid, will be credited £10 into their Alpha account, so next time you book in, it’ll knock £10 off 😉 (drivers that have moved from previous events won’t be applicable to the refund).
Signing on will stay the usual and scrutineering will be shortened to an hour. We’ll bring driver briefing forward and should get the day underway around 10:30, rather than lunchtime-ish!
The circuit will run this new itinerary for the remainder of the year and see how things go. Naturally, with the RHPK Championship moving to the first weekend of the month, we still have exclusive testing on the Saturday if you need it.
This rounds itinerary will go up a week or so before, but the day SHOULD finish around 3ish, providing there are no issues!
See you in a couple of weeks