Dear Driver,

Since publishing proposed race dates for the 2017 IKR series, we have received 90 positive responses registered. We have also had some drivers ask us whether we could consider an alternative date, the only other possibility at our end is the second Sunday of each month. There would be no testing available the day before due to existing commitments. We have decided to put it to a vote! (while the diary allows), obviously our aim is to ensure we get strong grids to provide you with the best possible racing! Please consider the following options, you will then be asked on which option would most likely see you on the grid!


Option 1 (as currently published, predominantly the first Sunday except May, Sep, Oct)
5th March
2nd April
14th May
4th June
2nd July
6th August
10th September
8th October

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Option 2 (all on the second Sunday of each month)
12th March
9th April
14th May
11th June
9th July
13th August
10th September
8th October[/ezcol_1half_end]

Note, once we have inked in the series dates you can expect to receive regulations & entry details within 7 days!

Vote ends 13:00 Wednesday 18th January.