As always, thank you for joining us at Rye House for round 5 of the Independent Kart Racing series on Sunday 9th July. Having been blessed with fantastic weather & grids throughout, it was set to be a cracker!!

As with every round so far, the atmosphere was epic!! Having some top drivers join us is always an honour and much of the racing was awesome to watch with battles up and down the entire grids throughout.

The paddock buzzing with spectators and exciting commentary from Chris McCarthy from the Karting Magazine, the IKR series really is living up to expectations! As a brand new series, we can only get better with experience, therefore we can take great value out of every meeting!

Just a small negative…..

Whilst we appreciate that this is racing and competition is natural, we were not entirely satisfied with the behaviour of some of the drivers/teams on & off the race track.

Going forward, there will be an extremely simple zero tolerance rule to foul language, threatening behaviour or anything of the sort. Should a driver or a member of his/her family/team cause any kind of disruptive behaviour, they will be asked to pack their kart up & leave immediately!

Please remember that this series is pinned on having a fun day out. The team run the series for enjoyment and for your pleasure. We are here to police the event and feel it is paramount that we are able to concentrate on keeping our racing safe!

Lastly, this is your club and we wish to work with you to ensure you have a fantastic series. Should you have any constructive comments with regards to any improvements, please feel free to send us your comments to [email protected]

Thanks again, see you in August for R6.


Team Rye