Experience the thrills of karting on the UK’s premier kart raceway!

Kids will be kitted out in all the gear, briefed on safety & driving tekkers, then set out on a proper outdoor racing venue for an exhilarating experience!!

From the age of 8, Rye House offer a fleet of single engine race karts capable of speeds of upto 40+ mph!!!

Regarded by many as the greatest test of driver skill, Rye House has seen F1 stars, such as world champion Lewis Hamilton, hone their driving skills on the demanding track during their climb up the racing ladder.

If you are looking to book a Birthday treat, or, you fancy a half term burn, just give us a call on 01992 460895 Ext 1

Up to 12 Junior karts on the circuit

No minimum numbers required

30 minutes track time £34.45

All kit supplied