Saturdays 11am – 12pm – 19th Oct, 26th Oct, 2nd Nov, 9th Nov & 16th Nov

Did you know Rye House now offer the ULTIMATE karting experience for children aged 5-8 years old.

K1 STARS was launched in June 2018 to enable children the opportunity to learn the art of racing on a ‘proper’ race spec kart on our main GP circuit!

Boasting top of the range equipment, our team of dedicated coaches carry out a unique 5 week training programme to ensure every child is a competent & certified ‘Star’!

Each lesson lasts approx. 2 hours from arrival to departure & includes ‘all the kit’; kart, race suit, crash helmet, gloves, neck brace, body armour & instructors. Whilst the lesson is running, Mum & Dad can relax with a coffee from our luxurious track side hospitality.

K1 Stars arrive & drive scheme is a premium service, there is NOTHING like this in the racing industry!

The spectrum of ability at such a young age is vast. However, we are confident that our training techniques and methods will build a strong foundation to kick start our members path into the world of motor sport!

How the course unfolds…

Week 1: The excitement of getting behind the wheel for the very first time can often become an overwhelming situation for anyone to deal with, especially at such a young age! The main focus on week 1 will be to ensure each driver is confident with the simple (but vital) elements of controlling the vehicle. Foot work and technique will be the primary focus to enable drivers to lap in a safe & controlled manner by themselves without the aid of his/her instructor.

Week 2: Having recapped what was learnt in week 1, it is important to understand the challenges of spatial awareness. The ability to steer around obstacles and stop within dedicated zones will educate drivers whilst keeping it fun and entertaining!!

Week 3: Drivers will be passenger to the coach in a side by side kart to demonstrate each drill at pace in order for Stars to imitate! The emphasis on accelerating to full speed but also hard braking will install confidence in the capabilities of the vehicle. Remember, the karts we’ll be using are geared up to compete!

Week 4: After a short but formative summary of what we’ve learnt so far, a group test session will commence. Coaches will be on hand to assist (by way of following) and advance each drivers capabilities! The team will also cover kart and track rules!

Week 5: Race Day!! The team will imitate a time trial race event for all K1 members! Light hearted and most of all FUN, each driver will be presented with a K1 awards presentation… We are all winners!!

To conclude the course, not only will our members be certificated novice drivers but the K1 team will continue to offer official test sessions (usually twice per week) to enable all K1 Stars the opportunity to advance their skills!

Anything else?: Of course there is… the fun never stops!!!

You can now book with a £199.00 deposit or pay in full by adding the “balance of K1 fees” from the extras drop down.

Please consider taking out our “damage” insurance (also available from the extras drop down).

Balance due 1 week prior to the course starting.