The hype, the buzz, the excitement & all the ingredients for a spectacular race event was in abundance prior to the London Cup last weekend.

Albeit the numbers were lesser than previous years (despite the monumental effort to entice more drivers), we still maintained that the 2016 London Cup was going to be a “goodun”….

Sponsors, prizes, parking, hours of committee meetings, weeks of track maintenance & pretty much anything that has (in previous events) or could have caused an issue were on lock down to ensure that this race weekend was on point.

So, how did it go…..

Friday testing – WE GOT WET!!! Despite  the absolute “scorcha” of a week leading up to race weekend, flash flooding across the UK meant that parts of the circuit were under water! Not a couple of puddles… We’re talking 50% of the track had submerged!! Anyway, pat on the back to the Rye House team, we cleared it by 12pm & managed to run a quality 5 hours of testing.

Saturday / Sunday racing – Now to be clear, at this point, the circuit are not in control of the race meeting, from this point forward we are at the hands of the MSA & the rules & regs which they must follow. Whilst we can not claim the racing and administration of the rules was incident free, the majority of drivers thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We understand technical issues arose on Saturday, which meant the Bambino classes were unable to be given their results & on Sunday, the Honda Cadet grids also suffered from what could be considered, inconsistent application of the rules. We all know how hard some of the officials work, for your benefit, however in this meeting, perhaps they should have done better…

TV – It is unfortunate that, whilst not advertised as such, the TV crews were not scheduled for Saturday & Rye House fully accept that many of the Bambino teams thought their race would be televised.

The HKC may look to do something in the future with regards to the above but let RYE HOUSE state RIGHT NOW…

“We are currently in negotiations, with a TV production company & we wish to announce that we propose to host a Bambino “Festival” day, before the end of this year & GUARANTEE it will be televised, in a 30 min programme, FOR  BAMBINO’S. As long as negotiations are successful, we also guarantee, there WILL be a result given on the day, drivers WILL receive a presentation & the event WILL be run by Rye House, INDEPENDENTLY.”

Rye House will contact you all shortly regards this festival but also guarantee, BIG track time for SMALL fees!! We’ll be in touch.

Despite any negatives, forget the technical for a minute, the racing was still awesome! Rye House Kart Raceway would like to thank everyone involved & sincerely hope that the race club receive your continued support in the future.