With last year’s success of the Rye House Bambino Festival it would be pretty darn rude if we didn’t bring it back for 2017!!!

With plenty of track action for the 39 Bambino racers who attended… “has been the biggest race meeting for class witnessed in the UK this year” we’re hoping to smash the record for 2017!

Motors TV will be coming along again, fingers crossed Steve ‘Stiggy’ Evans will be bringing the new and improved ‘The Mighty’ to hoon around the track again and of course, Father Christmas will be racing the kids along the Hamilton Straight, all in the name of FUN!!!

It’ll run much like the 2016 Festival, only BETTER!!! with some fantastic added improvements, the team at Rye are confident that this dedicated televised event will be epic!! There’s plenty of ideas in the pot.. perhaps a grid of IAME’S, perhaps we’ll be gridding up & racing!!! But all this is still being finalised. For now, all we need to know is WHO’S INTERESTED??????

Price will be in the £140 per driver region and we’re sure you’ll have more fun this year, than last year!!! Likely to be around the 10th December and will be the LAST meeting on the calendar for 2017 (bhoooooom!!!)

The event will be run independently by the team at Rye and is open to drivers with or without a race licence. If you own a Comer or an IAME & you’d like us to keep you updated, simply register your interest below.

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