We understand that racing is not always perceived as an easy sport to pioneer… Well actually folks, we make it dead simple… With seven successful years in the making, our Hire Kart Championships have developed into a product and service which we believe is the most affordable form of motor sport, but more importantly; life changing!

The concept is simple; Combine a season of arrive & drive racing on a monthly basis, behind the wheel of the fastest karts in the industry, on a track that is regarded as the greatest test of driver skill! High speeds, hard braking and fast cornering on the 1km outdoor racetrack in variant weather conditions is just the beginning! Racing our custom fleet of Honda 5.5 BHP de-governed “Champ Karts”, this special fleet have been purpose built to race spec, with better handling and more power; and will only be used by RHDC drivers. In short, these karts will really enable you to up the pace out on the circuit!

We are currently in the process of setting up the championships for 2018. Whilst existing members will get first refusal on entry, by all means, feel free to call us if you wish to find out a little more info…

Call: 01992 460895