First and foremost, a big thank you for joining us at Rye for R2 of the IKR on Sunday. Our team thoroughly enjoyed running the event and we really hope you had an exciting race day!

A big thank you to all competitors for understanding and respecting the Rye House ethos!! We will continue to plug away at this throughout the entire season. We really do want to emphasise the value of having a series which is pinned on having competative racing with etiquette.

As with any sport, we do appreciate that not everyone will have had the result they wished for, but feel the majority will be itching to get back behind the wheel for R3 on 14th May 2017.

The Bambino grid is now FULL for R3 and the grids for all other classes are already growing!

Lastly, don’t forget to support your IKR series to any fellow racers or online.

Thanks again, see you next month.

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