Ok guys, so it’s not very often this happens so tune in…..

We have a GP60 scheduled for tomorrow 8th April at 12 noon. It was full, but due to other circumstances it’s now showing 19 spaces available!!

11:15 arrival for sign in & drivers briefing, the event consists of a 15 minute practice/qualifying, followed by a race (from a standing start) through to the end of the hour!!! Trophies, bubbly, time sheets are all included!!

We supply the kit, kart and fun!! All you need to do is call now on 01992 460895 Ext 1 and book your space on the grid!!!

Retails at £84.45, tomorrows price, just £70.00

If your 16+ you are eligible to race!! No minimum numbers required. Must be booked today. Offices close at 5pm.

Call 01992 460895 Today!!!