Dear Driver

Thank you for entering the Rye House IKR series. We’re delighted to see the grids across the board are strong!!

Before we get stuck into some fantastic racing, we feel it’s really important that you all understand the series ethos (that has been published everywhere) & we expect you to arrive with this in mind!!

This is NOT MSA racing, therefore our decision on the day is absolutely final with no right of appeal. We do not expect ANY arguments, disputes or speculations. Should this happen (in the nicest way possible) you are no longer welcome to race in the series.

As are you, the staff at Rye are all buzzing to get the show on the road & providing we all carry ourselves in a gentlemanly manner, the series will be something that we all really enjoy!

Make no mistake; our main focus on the day will be safety! Bending the rules with regards to kart spec or poor driving standards will result in penalties. This will be issued with no malice; we will simply follow the rules & regs that are in the book.

Our staff and helpers are all geared up to do the very best they can for each and every one of you, they are only human but hope to get decisions right, whether you agree with our decisions or not, they will be made with the best intentions and WILL NOT be a topic for debate.

Please ensure you understand the rules & regulations before you arrive & appreciate that not everyone on the grid will be seasoned racers. Your karts will be safety checked in the morning, it is your responsibility to have them properly prepped in advance!!

POINTS – Points are awarded for all time trials, qualifying, heats and finals.
1st – 25pts, 2nd – 23pts, 3rd – 21pts, 4th – 20pts and decreasing by 1 point per place until 0. Therefore the winner of the day for ALL classes will be the driver that accumulates the most points over the course of the day. Not necessarily the driver who crosses the line first in the final!! Trophies will be awarded based on points!

We will be sticking to the itinerary so please be familiar with the running order. We will not pause the meeting if you are not on the dummy grid in time!

Transponders numbers will be required during signing on, if you have your own transponder, please relay this number to a member of staff at sign on. Likewise, if you are hiring a transponder, this will be allocated at sign on.

You MUST fix your transponder to your kart before you begin testing in the morning. This will allow us to establish / rectify any issues before racing commences. If you are unsure on how to fit your transponder, you MUST ask a scrutineer for help. Please remember, if lost or damaged, it will be at your expense.

At the end of the day, each class will be held in parc ferme after the final to return hire transponders to a member of staff.

Signing on from 08:15 until 08:45
Testing from 09:00 until 11:00 – Scrutineering & the weigh bridge will be available throughout testing
Drivers briefing at 11:30
Racing starts at 12:00
Presentation at 16:15

We thank you once again for entering. We really hope we have a fantastic series!!