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Turn 1. Stadium Bend
The fastest part of the circuit, a flat out right hander. The bravest
drivers will only “lift off” two thirds into the turn, then staight
back on to induce a slight drift into position for Reg’s Elbow(2)

Turn 2. Reg’s Elbow
Subject to precision positioning exiting Stadium, a fast left hand
sweep accelerating through to the Infield Hairpin

Turn 3. Infield Hairpin
Approaching this left hander at “Full Chat”, maximum
concentration is required to brake as late as possible, position
the Kart and execute this turn smoothly. A good overtaking
opportunity under braking.

Turn 4. Outfield Hairpin
Accelerate out of Turn 3 setting your kart up into the Outfield
Hairpin, smoothness through this right hander is essential to
achieve maximum speed approaching Pylon Bend.

Turn 5. Pylon Bend
Kart positioning under late braking will determine how
effectively Pylon Bend is executed.

Turn 6. Complex Nouvelle
To drive this fast right hander correctly is determined by how
well the kart is set up through Pylon Bend. A messy entry will
result in low cornering speed

Turn 7. The Esses
The racing line for the Esses is hugely dependent on approach
and again in correct positioning through turns 5 and 6 can
make this a very tricky corner.

Turn 8. Paddock Bend
Accelerate out of the Esses and through Paddock Bend, onto
the finish.