Team Rye are delighted to announce the success of our first ever development session!!

Rye House have now setup two separate sessions; one for our RHDC Junior Championship members and another for newcomers looking to take the next step into the world of motor sport!

Last night see our RHDC members educated on some useful tips and knowledge by some of our most experienced instructors and then put it to the test on the racetrack!! All 36 drivers then teamed up into groups of 3 and raced in a LeMans style 40 minute endurance!

Whilst this brand new format did have some expected minor teething issues, the development team are overwhelmed by how much fun they had running the event!

Sam Green – Development Coach: “Whilst we will be looking to improve the general flow of the session in stage 1, we were all blown away by how much fun the endurance race was in stage 2. Splitting the children into groups of 3 and leaving them to decide when they wish make a driver change was magic! Working as a team and supporting one another was great to see!! We can take a lot of positives from Sunday’s session and work on improving the format to give drivers a fantastic experience going forward!!”

Tonight see’s the same format for our newcomers. We can’t wait to get the show on the road!!

Click HERE to find out more about the Rye House Driver Development Sessions.