After the success of the historic RHPK series and the new 2017 IKR series, Team Rye have been given the green light to invest in a new innovative piece of equipment to ensure race days run as smooth as possible!

The “digiflag” or “e-flag” will be located on the start/finish line in order to deliver safety instructions to competitors during the race! With ease of use, the guys in charge can simply select the driver/s they wish to signal from the time keeping room whereby the message will be displayed clearly to ensure absolute clarity!

Race Director Luke Ladley Elmers explains – “Since the introduction of the IKR series, we have noticed that the nature of such a fast paced race format means we can not always be as clinical as we like to be! Naturally, we expect one or two minor teething problems when we launch new products such as the IKR, but we like to show our customers our proactive stance to ensure the best and safest experience possible. It goes without saying that the system will add great value for any type of race format we run across the board & we intend on using it wherever we can!”

The screen is capable of signalling 2 drivers at a time but with an unlimited amount of input, the system is able to queue a multiple of signals which will update as the drivers cross the line.

Delivery and installation is scheduled for 6 weeks time.