We are delighted to announce an open 4 round championship – meaning you may enter 1 or all 4 rounds (subject to availability).

With a maximum of 25 drivers per weight category, you will be allocated a kart randomly on the day of the event.

Round 1 – 1st July – Round 2 – 15th July – Round 3 – 29th July – Round 4 – 12th August


Lightweights first

First, a 5 minute practice to familiarise yourself with the kart.

You will then be given the positions for your 3 x 10 minute heats – You will have 3 random starting positions (our timing equipment will randomly generate your grid position, 1 near the front, 1 near the back and 1 in the middle).

From a standing start for each race, the lights will turn green & you’ll compete for the full 10 mins. Once the race has finished and you pass the chequered flag you will be re-assembled for heat 2. The same procedure will be carried out for heat 3 also.

Having completed your 3 heats, you will return to the pits where you will be given a grid slot for the final! this will be a 12 minute race.

The top 10 will then qualify for the SUPERFINAL

Next, we move on to heavyweights – The same format will be carried out.

Each race in each class will score points.


1st – 25
2nd – 20
3rd – 18
4th – 15
5th – 12
6th – 10
7th – 9
8th – 8
9th – 7
10th – 6
11th – 5
12th – 4
13th – 3
14th – 2
15th- 1

Only the top 15 in each race score points – “So if you start at the back you better get a move on!”

All drivers will compete in 4 races minimum.
3 x 10 min heats
1 x 12 min final


Subject to your results & points accumulated you will make the SUPERFINAL – TOP 10 DRIVERS FROM EACH WEIGHT CATEGORY WILL PARTICIPATE.

The superfinal is another chance to score some points and also be crowned the overall champion of the day!

So if you are the winner of lightweight final your best starting position for the 15 minute super final is 11th – “You better make your weight advantage count!”

Top 15 in super final will score points.


This is a 4 round championship – Your final championship points will be your 3 best scoring rounds so you will drop lowest score.

There will only be 1 championship table with light and heavy so there will be an overall champion as each class has equal opportunities to score the same points.

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the championship.

1st – £200 Voucher for Rye House – 2nd – £100 Voucher for Rye House – 3rd – £50 Voucher for Rye House

Weight classes – This is simple, on the day of each event, all drivers will be weighed & split into the correct categories. the heaviest half of the group will compete in the heats together & the same for the lights.

Please note; All drivers MUST be 16 years + & have a respectable level of karting experience. All drivers MUST have their own racewear.

For more information or to enquire, please contact the event coordinator; Wayne Edwards on: 07504104819


As an open series, you have the opportunity to book race by race at £75 per round (subject to availability).

Or you can book all 4 rounds now for £250 (Saving you £50).


Round 1 – 1st July 2020

Round 2 – 15th July 2020

Round 3 – 29th July 2020

Round 4 – 12th August 2020

With a 6:30pm LATEST arrival for sign in & weigh in, driving will commence at 7:30pm for all 4 rounds. We expect to be off track by 10pm LATEST.