Rye House Group are thrilled to announce that our indoor Laser & Nerf will be reopening on Saturday 22nd May 2021

After a lengthy closure due to the global pandemic, we are super excited to resume this fun, weekend leisure activity for kids and adults of all ages.

Based in the grounds of the established Rye House Kart Raceway in Hoddesdon, the booking office is now currently accepting exclusive reservations of up to 6 players per game.

To make a booking, please call: 01992 460895 – Office is now open Mon-Fri 9:30am – 5:30pm, Sat-Sun 9:30am – 12pm




  • Ages 7 and over
  • Max 6 players per game

LASER – More Info

Laser Combat turns computing into realistic close range combat with sound, light, smoke & visual effects you are sure to remember.

Available from 7 years +, players are issued with a replica MP5 laser gun with a tactical scope for good measure! Mum, Dad… Get involved too, this is wasted on kids!




  • Ages 5 and over
  • Max 6 players per game

NERF – More Info

Our “light hearted”  NERF WARS product really doesn’t have much in the way of tactics, however we can guarantee it will be EPIC!!!

The indoor arena has now been “well & truly” NERF’D to enable our younger customers to go to battle.

Available from 5 years +, players are issued with a full face protection mask, literally thousands of foam darts & are you ready for this….. a “DISRUPTOR” air blaster!!! Mum, Dad… Get involved too!