[ezcol_1half]New ADULT karting championship COMING SOON…

Hi all, from the start of October we will be running a winter championship.

Having reduced the price for drivers who commit to every round (6), the format will be the same as the previous Lotus Cup (2×25 minute races). The first race will be pulled from a hat and second race will be a reverse of the first race grid ie if you start last in race 1 you’ll start 1st in race 2.

Each race will score points:
1st 25 2nd 22 3rd 20 4th 18 5th 15 6th 13 7th 10 8th 8 9th10th 6 and so on…

Top 15 score points, both results added together will give you your round points, highest points win.

There will be 6 rounds, the best 5 will count to your final championship score.

There’s 2 tables & 2 championships; one championship for lightweights & one championship for the heavyweights. (85kg and above will be heavy)

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Round dates

Round 1 = 1st October 12pm race
Round 2 = 22nd October 12pm race
Round 3 = 26th November 12pm race
Round 4 = 3rd December 12pm race
7 week break over Xmas..
Round 5 = 28th January 12pm race
Round 6 = 25th February 12pm race

Every round is on a Saturday, 11:15am arrival, 12pm on track.

3 laps practice then straight into race 1 for 25 minutes .. then a quick change to your 2nd kart for race 2. Points and podium after. And trophies for top 3 drivers on the day.

There will be 2 sets of trophies at the end of the season 1st to 5th in both weight categories.




Race by race payment is at £84.95. Those committing to the whole season can do so with 50% or full payment of £420.00 (thus £70/round)

If you sign up for the whole season with payment in full, your space WILL be reserved for for you and you will be expected to turn up, we can’t refund you for non attendance.

If you sign up for the whole season with 50% payment (you have just paid for the LAST 3 races of the season), your space WILL be reserved for for you and you will be expected to turn up for all the FIRST 3 races (paying for each 24 hrs prior). If you miss any of the first 3 races (payment wise) you will forfeit the rest of the season. We won’t refund you for non attendance.