“Bad decision made by the race officials, poor standard of driving, so & so is cheating”… In fact i’ll pop it on Facebook & let everyone know that I’ve had a shocka at Rye & that it weren’t my fault, the club is to blame!!

So now and again, 1 or 2 grumbles surface about the weekend’s racing… As an ex-racer myself, I can appreciate how frustrating karting can be. I know first hand how disheartening it is when the weekend you’ve been looking forward to all month goes sour!! All your time, effort, money, testing & expectations was a waste…

So what does the club actually do you might ask…?

Between working & living like you guys, there’s a fair bit of organisation required to run each race meeting: Licensing, Entries, Marshaling, Promoting, Prizes, Emails, Meetings are just a few… Its worth a mention, NOT because its a burden, we all want to do this!! It’s just a reminder…

Drop us an email or attend a committee meeting if you wish to air any grievances guys. We have worked super hard to convey a positive & transparent relationship with all our drivers, please respect the clubs aspirations before you post on social media..

The club itself is a non-profit organisation & you are absolutely welcome to get involved & make a difference.

Many thanks