The following numbered pit bays have been prepaid/reserved and MUST NOT be used on Saturday or Sunday unless YOU have reserved them.

2,3,4,5,6,7,   8,  17,   19,20,


To re-iterate the above numbers MUST NOT be used

Any other numbered pit bay can be used on a first come first serve basis at £20 per bay.

Tony Banister will come round on Sunday morning to collect payment, he does this as a favour to the club, PLEASE ENSURE you have payment in cash ready for him.

If you are opting for complimentary pit space, the area along the railway line is to be used first. Once this is full, then pit in the pylon area.

ONLY WHEN these areas are full may you use the areas around stadium bend for “Pitting”.

Car Parking Etiquette

We hope you can see and appreciate all the hard work that is going into promoting HKC2016, we think club meetings will get busier…..

The venue owners request that only vehicles required for racing enter the pits, the rest occupy the “stadium bend” car park or over-spill parking by the dog track/pub if needed.

Download / Print Pit Lane Diagram