Let’s go karting at Rye House!!!

Here are a few pointers on how you can get involved in competitive kart racing from 5 years old! Step by step starting out from the very first time you get in a kart all the way to owning your own and racing at national level.

At Rye House we offer an introduction to hire kart arrive and drive sessions from the age of 3 on our junior circuit in our fleet of Electric FK, Bambino or Cadet karts. This is the first step to finding out if your child is keen to race and enjoys the experience.

Once you have ascertained that racing is for you or your child, the next step is only a phone call away!!

The first decision to make is whether you wish to compete in hire go-karting; RHDC, or to purchase your own machine; OWNER DRIVER go-karting:

Hire Karting
Hire go-karting can offer an effective way to get that all important racing experience without the extra costs of owning and maintaining your own kart.
At 8 years of age you can now hire the Junior karts and take part in practice sessions on our main circuit. These sessions are available almost everyday. To book a session, simply call our sales team on 01992 460895 from Mon- Fri, 09:30 – 17:30, or book online via our online bookings hub.

We also offer one to one tuition where you/your driver can work with one of our Drivers Club coaches on practising racing lines etc. to reduce lap-times and improve driver confidence and consistency.

Practice and lap times are one thing but race craft is another. The only way to gain that craft is by racing and we offer various championships for drivers that do not own a kart to gain the experience of competitive racing. Our hire championships; the Rye House Drivers Club has become hugely popular in recent years!
If the driver isn’t quite ready for a championship yet, the best way to get a bit more practice and some racing experience all in one go, is to come to one of the Rye House Driver Development Days run by the RHDC (Rye House Drivers Club) coaches. These events usually consist of a session behind a coach, followed by a qualifying session, a Heat, then depending on point scored, an A, B, or C Final. These sessions also give the coaches the opportunity to assess the drivers ability and decide which Championship they may be suitable for in the future.

Following on from some 1-2-1 lessons or Development sessions, you will, of course, be looking at entering a Championship. We run several championships, over multiple age groups. For our Junior age groups (8-11 yrs and 12-15 yrs) we run 14 different championships! This usually ensures that drivers can enter a championship with drivers of a similar ability. We also offer the Senna Cup for all drivers over 16 years old.

K1 Stars

If you have a younger driver, from 5 years old to 8 years old, who is passionate about racing you can now join our K1 Stars 5 week course- that takes you from never driven to racing our race spec bambino karts on the main circuit.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the motor industry providing one to one tuition throughout the course- you can be sure your driver will have had a lot of fun whilst learning the fundamentals of racing in a safe and friendly environment. We run these courses throughout the year and have done so for just over 2 years. Each course has a maximum of 6 drivers taking part- allowing us to keep the focus on each driver.

It doesn’t stop there with K1 Stars whereby we offer those who pass our course to join our K1 Masters ‘mini race meets’. This allows our drivers to really get the feel of racing others and participating in race meetings- without the pressure or the hassle of preparing your own kart.

If you feel you wish to practice we offer practice sessions within cadet club. This allows all of our K1 Stars drivers to meet each other; we can offer one to one tuition during these sessions and improve race craft and times. Each of the sessions will be timed and should you wish you can receive your times for the sessions.

Whilst the Drivers Club and K1 Stars provides all the ingredients to progress and improve as a racer, many drivers from our Junior, Senior Championships and our K1 Stars now compete in our owner driver RHPK and IKR Championships and have also obtained their race licence. Proof that the Rye House Drivers Club provides a great level of talent!

Owner Driver Karting

From the age of 5 you can actively participate in many different forms of owner driver practice and racing. At Rye House our experts can offer you advice on the correct category of kart that will suit your needs best. We run a Cadet/Bambino club here at the circuit by Karting London approximately twice a week and this allows your driver to mix with other owner drivers under the careful supervision of our staff.

Alternatively, for drivers over 8 years old, we run regular “Open Practice” days. Practice days allow you to arrive with your kart, sign on/pay a testing fee, then practice on your own for the duration of that days test session.

When you are confident that you/your driver is ready to start racing, there are a few different options available to you.
Rye House runs its own IKR race meeting once a month from February through to November. IKR stands for Independent Kart Racing which is competitive racing but run to a set of rules & regs. and governed by the race track.

The classes currently run at the IKR meetings are Bambino, Honda Cadet, Junior Rotax, Senior Rotax and Rotax 177. This means that if you have, or are looking to purchase one of these karts, and you/your driver is eligible, the Rye House IKR Championship is an ideal way to start racing your own machine competitively.
We also offer the option to obtain your race licence here at Rye House, this will allow you to compete in MSUK (Motorsport UK) events across the country and even throughout Europe. The MSUK are the governing body for all MSUK sanctioned racing across the country and this is monitored by the means of a racing licence (ARKS Licence).

Our experts on site can help you all the way and answer any questions that you may have such as the initial costs of buying your own kart, what kart is best for you, the costs of competing and obtaining your licence.

Everything you need to know is only a call away!!!

For further information please contact our sales team on 01992 460895.